May, 2009 Archive

Graze Boxes – an Easy Way to Your 5-a-day

I’ve just had notification that my Wednesday Graze box is on the way, which is cool as I’d forgotten all about it. I have been getting Graze boxes once a week now for about 6 weeks or so and they are really great. Wednesday tends to be the day that I stay late at work while Dave takes the kids to their Brazilian Soccer School. The sections in the Graze box have really varied treats, that I don’t end up feeling starving when it gets past 8pm.

The 24-7 Business Existence

We all know the feeling .. not being able to stop working, the inability to take a rest from checking emails… will we ever be able to stop? The 24-7 business existence is something that I have become more aware of over the last few years and more recently I have been considering the future. What did we ever do before email or the internet when if we wanted to get a message to someone we’d call and have a conversation with someone, arrange to meet face to face or send a snail mail letter. Everything happened at a much slower pace yet business still went on.

School Trips take some Organisation

Ethan, my 7 year old has been on a school trip today to Runswick Bay, a lovely seaside village on the East coast in North Yorkshire. It has a big sandy beach and what the kids like best are the rock pools. The school has been planning this trip for ages and they only do the Runswick Bay trip every 3 years as they take the whole of the infant school, so 6 coaches of kids ages between 4 and 7 which is a big undertaking.

Helping your Workforce during a Recession

It seems that the news coverage about the recession has died down recently what with Swine Flu and now the MP’s expenses, but it is still out there and affecting lots of people on a daily basis. I was just in the local toy shop at the weekend with the kids and overheard a lady say that she’d just been made redundant. Lots of doom and gloom.