April, 2009 Archive

A4U Expo Amsterdam Day 1

This week I’m in Amsterdam with Dave at the A4UExpo. We first went to A4U in London last year and had a great conference. The Amsterdam one is much bigger and has over 800 delegates with a great list of speakers. This morning we managed to get to the RAI centre in time to see Joost de Valk give his presentation on SEO for WordPress. If there is anything that you need to know about WordPress then Joost will know. He gave a really good talk in an amazing auditorium, giving away 40 top tips for good WordPress … some of which I need to get implemented on here when I get back into the office.

Another Graze box on the way

There is something about the prospect of getting something through the post, even if it is some healthy food that you have ordered. The difference with the Graze boxes is that every week (or every delivery) you get something different and each time its a surprise. This must be my 4th week now getting a Graze box and I have just been notified that my box is on its way and I am going to be getting:


fresh pineapple, bakewell tart which is a mixture of cherry raisins, cranberries and almonds (which sounds delicious) and cashew nuts (which are my favourite nut). So tomorrow I’ll be waiting for Mr Postie to come with my box of nutritious snacks.

If you have been putting off trying out Graze then I really suggest that you give it a go, and you can even get a free box by using HBZJFTL. If you don’t like it you can cancel, but I’m well and truly hooked!

Record Sales for Tesco, What does it mean for the rest of us?

How do Tesco do it? Today they announced their annual pre-tax profits of £3.13 billion, with a weekly sales turnover of £1 billion. It is quite staggering the size of the company and the aggressive way that they wade through the market swallowing up every sector in retail world. They already have a big chunk of electrical, music, and clothing sectors and are moving strongly into mobile phone market. Their profit figure, which shows a growth of 10% is a record for a UK retailer.

Getting Sucked into Shopping Channels

How funny … this evening Dave was just flicking through the Sky Channels and we ended up at the shopping channels. We went through a phase a few years ago of being hooked on them, but haven’t watched then for ages. We never really used to buy anything, apart from a set of Titanium II knives that went straight back as they were crap, but there is something about them that you just can’t switch off, even if they repeat the same details over and over again.