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Graze – the solution to healthy snacks

Being so busy most of the time does have its down side and one of those is being a bit disorganised on the eating front. For instance today I had a meeting at 10am which lasted until just after 1pm, then another meeting at 2pm which went on till after 3pm. Dave did pop out to the local farm shop who do great fresh sandwiches but I didn’t get to eat lunch until about half 3. You wonder by that time if its worth eating at all, but it was better than my previous alternative of having biscuits for lunch.

Project Management Software

As with any business, making sure that a project is run properly is really important to make sure the company runs efficiently, and to make sure all the members of the working team know what they are to do and when. When you are dealing with a complex web development or a big SEO contract there are many tasks that need to be done, by different people, and at different times. You also need to make sure the actions and processes are recorded for the benefit of being able to look back. I used to manage all the projects with a paper trail, lots of emails, whiteboards everywhere and lots of lists.

The Art of Multi Tasking

Is there such a thing as being able to multi task or is it just the brain being able to switch really rapidly from one task to another? Are women better at “multi tasking” than men?

I certainly don’t claim to be an expert on the subject as I can only go from my own experiences. I do though have a strong belief that men and women fit into certain roles better, and I won’t harp on about women in technology (or the lack of them) but the way we are made up makes us work better in different situations. One thing that I consistently see women doing better at than men is multi tasking, the art of being able to do more than one thing at once.

How to Keep Staff Happy

Is there a magic formula to keep staff happy? As a boss should you worry if your staff are happy or not…. should you be more bothered if they are meeting their targets while you are cracking the whip?

As both Dave and I have worked for companies before running our own business, and worked our way up through the ranks to management level we treat our staff at Bronco how we would want to be treated ourselves. We both used to work at the same company (which is how we met all those years ago) and the company was run very much as a family business where the staff were looked after.

Organising the Kids in the Morning

The morning routine in our home has changed over the years depending on how old the kids are. I have always worked and with each son I worked up to 2 weeks before I was due to give birth, and then had about 6 months maternity leave off work. (I had the kids before we owned Bronco and used to be a Manager at a large local company)